The Electronic Training Collar

by Laura Stimatze, Stimatze Working Cow Dogs

Mr. Smith needed some help with his old cow dog.

He found this new gadget in the special catalog.

The Electronic Trainer, it'll make your dog holler,

its got quite a name, but its just a shock collar.

It's got two little buttons, you can take your pick.

Put both of them together and its got quite a kick.

Thereís a dummy collar to put on his neck,

Mr. Smith looked at it and said "What the Heck?"

Olí Scott knows what heís supposed to do,

and when he doesn't listen, I'll zap him, wouldn't you?

I'll zap him for this and I'll zap him for that,

I'll zap him real good , he'll be quick as a cat.

It wasn't too long and Olí Scott said look,

If you're gonna use this thing ,at least read the Book

Mr. Smith was a learning and finally would see,

the day Olí Scott got mad and chased him up a tree.

The old dog had had it, all he could take.

He took off the collar and tossed it in the lake.

Mr. Smith, he was out about 500 bucks.

Hopefully Olí Scott'll recover, I wish him good luck.

Copyright 2001 to Infinity, NAAKR, Inc.  All rights reserved.