The Best of Both Worlds - Border Collies and Kelpies!


Len and Kaye Dalton - "The Best of Both Worlds" - Border Collies and Kelpies.  They are well known and respected in the cow dog industry.

Len is pictured at left visiting during the 2002 LSCDF with Ben and Leslie Means' Hungarian folks, Yosef A. from Hungary and Bela Tar of Florida.

Len has handled cattle and dogs for many years.  He selects and trains dogs for ranch operations.  Not only does he train the dogs, but the ranch hands as well.

Informational Videos and DVDs Titles - "Started Dogs", "Australian Kelpies", Large Ranches", "Penning Wild Cattle", and "Cows and Calves."

Contact Dalton Stock Dogs for pups, young dogs, started or finished dogs and for training your dogs or training and information videos.

Dalton Stock Dogs, Len and Kaye Dalton, 4436 Highway 71, Campti, LA 71411, 318-476-2353,

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