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"Cat claw and greasewood grow up to about six feet in height.  When horseback I am able to see cattle over the top of the brush but the dogs, being so much lower, cannot.  Usually, when I see cattle in those areas, the cattle see me about the same time..." ~~ Jeb Pringle

"The loud ruckus seemed to excite Mick and he decided he must try even harder to keep these goats gathered around Peg, no matter what...  Finally the goat turned Peg loose.  Still screaming, she tried to make her way to me..." ~~ Carl Larsen

by Laura Stimatze, Winner of 2001 LSCDF

"He will bite both ends and does it with a full mouth and draws blood, he is not the kind of dog you use on light calves..."  ~~ Laura Stimatze

Ben's comments on bite.

"Heading and heeling in cattle dogs has been discussed at length. These are some of my observations as I see things today.  Simply put, if a dog gets in, and bites, and gets away, it was right for him..."  ~~ Ben Means

by Carl Larsen, Hid-N-Hills Border Collies and Kelpies

"I hear mostly is that" the Kelpie just suits me more than the Border Collie". Or, "If I have a job that I know I must get done, give me a Kelpie" Now this may not be a trend that is followed by the majority..."  ~~ Carl Larsen

by Carl Larsen, Hid-N-Hills Border Collies and Kelpies

"Surely I could catch this calf with one throw, before he had a chance to get excited. I am really very experienced with a rope, and was very capable of legging a four hundred pound calf-- no problem. WRONG!!"  ~~ Carl Larsen

by Ben Means

"In the years to come the Futurity should serve as a landmark and leader in new testing innovations, in different thinking when setting up trial courses for cattle dogs, in helping people pull together to produce whole litters of dogs..."  ~~ Ben Means

by Ben Means

"Cows were scared to death of him too. My grandma could take a bucket and cane bottom chair out to where the cows were, and milk enough for the house and for the separator. Those cows never moved..." ~~ Ben Means

by Larry Innerarity

"Somewhere past the pecan tree, God looks down and thinks the cowboy has had enough. The heifer from hell tires of dragging the cowboy and stops..." ~~ Larry Innerarity

by Laura Stimatze

"It wasn't too long and Olí Scott said look,

If you're gonna use this thing, at least read the Book

Mr. Smith was a learning and finally would see,

the day Olí Scott got mad and chased him up a tree."  ~~ Laura Stimatze

by Leslie Means

"As the cow lowered her head Kate met her charge. In giving ground for the second round she had to back out the narrow gate opening - no where else to go. Just inside, I, too, had no where to go..."  ~~ Leslie

by Ben Means, the Perfect Stock Dog

"I sent "Spot" and she intercepted all but one. This one paddled around the pond, easily out maneuvering the dog.  I got "annoyed" and tried to get Spot to grab it and kill it." ~~ Ben Means


   Using Cow Dog Industry

The Cow Dog Journal is an update of happenings in the "using cow dog industry."  The focus of  the CDJournal will be from people out there working within the industry using, breeding, training and selling dogs.

The Red River Cattle Dog Association was formed in 1993 by a group of ranchers using dogs in their cattle operations. Their purpose was to promote well-trained dogs for the industry.  The trials they devised were to showcase the working rancher and his dog.  Any rancher can win these point / time trials usually set-up on individual ranches using actual cattle working situations.

The Lone Star Cattle Dog Futurity entered the scene in 1998.  Larry Innerarity and Skeeter Sitton put their best foot forward to further promote the actual using cow dog on ranches.  By 1999 with the help of an Advisory Board comprised of folks using cattle dogs in the industry, some for over 40 years, they had another excellent point / time trial showcasing the rancher and his dog.

Ben Means has been a long-time user, trainer and promoter of the working cattle dog. And as with most cowboys, after the days work is done, he's ready 

to unwind and have some fun. With their innate competitive edge, cowboy fun includes roping, riding, horse racing and seeing who's dog is the best that day.

Ben and a handful of like-minded cattlemen have stood their ground these near 40 years, maintaining that the working cow dog is unlike any sheep or trial dog.  Dogs produced by these people are the foundation of  many working cow dog lines - Border Collie or Kelpie.

These individuals are directly or indirectly responsible for the acceptance and establishment of sensible point / time trials for the using cow dog.

Ben and I have joined our talents to bring you the best of working cow dog resources.  Cow Dog Central is the place for serious cow dog folks.  It's a place where the cattleman can gather first-hand information about using a dog in his operation.  All association and breeder pages are paid advertisements.

Thanks for stopping by!  We hope you find the Journal useful and informative.  Be sure to stop-by to visit CDC Breeders and Associations.

~~ Leslie and Ben



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