Rim Fire Stock Dogs - Border Collies - Kelpies - Galleta Cattle Ranch - Cow Calf Operation - Benson, Arizona

Jeb and Pat Pringle own and operate the Galleta Ranch, a cow calf operation, on the Chihuahuan desert in southeastern Arizona.  The ranch consists of approximately 8,000 acres of extremely rough country composed mainly of canyons, arroyos, dense mesquite bosques and some open grasslands.

Although this is considered a relatively small ranch in the west, its division into only two pastures

means gathering the cattle can still be a large and time consuming chore.  Years ago this was done with the help of several friends and neighbors.  Today, with the help of several good cow dogs, Jeb gathers the cattle by himself.

The Pringles started raising cow dogs back in 1995.  After other ranchers began to see the value of these dogs in saving time and effort they became interested in getting their own cow dogs.  As a result, the Pringles established Rim Fire Stock Dog Kennels, offering pups and started dogs for sale.  Although they raise both Border Collies and Australian Kelpies, they readily recognize that working instincts and abilities are influenced more by bloodlines than breed.  With this in mind, they use only the bloodlines of proven ranch - working cow dogs in their continuing effort to produce dogs that can and will work cattle, not sheepdogs trying to work cattle.



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