Rim Fire Stock Dogs - Border Collies - Kelpies - Galleta Cattle Ranch - Cow Calf Operation - Benson, Arizona

The Pringles raise Border Collies and Australian Kelpies using heavily concentrated, proven, cattle-working bloodlines in an effort to produce dogs that can and will work cattle - not sheep dogs trying to work cattle.

While the dogs earn their keep by working tough cattle in tough country, bloodlines have been chosen from

Trailer loading in the open is a regular occurence on the Galleta Cattle Ranch

successful competitors of some of the nation's most rigorous cattle dog trials.  This greatly enhances the ability to produce dogs that are easily trained, will perform a variety of tasks, and think independently when necessary, yet still take direction.


Reba - Kelpie Female



Punch - Kelpie Male


Tracker - Kelpie Male

Flash - Border Collie Female

Freckles - Border Collie Male

Border Collie x Kelpie Male

Border Collie x Kelpie Female



All photographs are owned and furnished by Rim fire Stock dogs.